Don Beat Cancer

(Aggressive Prostate Cancer)

You Can Too


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2016 with a PSA of 16, my PSA was 8.0 18 months earlier and had been stable at that level for two years. In June 2016 I had a biopsy done and it came back positive for cancer with a Gleason score of 7 (4/3). 

In October of 2016 I had Radial Prostectomy surgery to remove the tumor. 6 months later I was informed my cancer was castrate resistant.

Post surgical biopsy reported the cancer had not metastasized into the lymph node but it was on two lymph nodes. My surgeon said there is no such thing as just on the lymph node and not in it. He told me my cancer had metastasized and there was nothing more he could do for me. My new Oncologist later said the biopsy report said it had not metastasized. So I had conflicting information about a metastasis diagnosis. I believed the surgeon that did the surgery as he saw what was going on inside my body insitu. The average life expectancy after a metastases diagnosis is 5.5 years.

The surgery had left me both impotent and incontinent. Both of these turned out to be major regrets. I had no idea that a 1.5 hour surgery could cause such permanent damage and life changing consequences.

7 days after the news my cancer was the aggressive type and the surgery was unsuccessful my wife asked me to move out and said we are getting a divorce. This was going to be complicated as we own two businesses together and she is not easy to deal with around money.

I knew chemo and radiation were toxic procedures with very poor results, only 2.1% live longer than those who do nothing. I had heard of some people with good results but everyone I knew that took chemo got very sick and never recovered their health. This was not the way I wanted my life to go. It did not have the promise of curing the underlying problem and getting rid of the cancer.

My Oncologist offered me a clinical trial with hormones that could add 2-4.5 years to your life depending on which arm of the trial you got. These also came with side effects that were much milder, hot flashes, moody and depression. This was a lot better than being poisoned and loosing your health. It was still unacceptable to me mostly because at 65 living only 7 to 10 years more just did not sit well with me.

I was determined to find a better solution. One that did not result in any further physical damage to my body. One that gave me at least 20 more years of good life. I knew there were stories of people who had been cured from Cancer. I knew some of those had to do with diet and lifestyle but I knew little to nothing about cancer and nutrition.

I started an email group to get community and support. One of my friends from Victoria BC sent me a video tape called “The Truth About Cancer”.

Seven months later, after a lot of research and some dead ends I found a way to knockdown my cancer naturally and work towards full remission. What I found was free of side effects and without a lot of cost. One year after my castrate resistant diagnosis my PSA is back down to what it was a year ago 1.3 (April 2018). 5 Months later (Sept 15, 2018) my PSA is still where it was one year ago 1.9. on March 15, 2019 it was 3.5. By March 15, 2019 it should have been 200 under my normal doubling rate of 130 days.

My first diet was a whole food plant based ketogenic diet recommended by a Bozeman Montana Naturopathic doctor. It did not work for me. This diet works for others. There is a group called “The Truth About Cancer” and they over promote the benefits of a plant based ketogenic diet for cancer. This opinion is shared by Chris Wark of It is also my opinion and experience.

When I switched to a whole food low fat plant based diet with juicing (Gerson Therapy) and added monthly fasting I got immediate and powerful results for the first two months.

Since then my results have been up and down.

Our bodies are self healing machines. The only thing that ever heals you is your body. No drug can heal you. No food can heal you. When you are cut and a doctor sews you up, but it is your bodies stem cells that heal that cut not the doctor.

It is important to treat the cause not just the symptom.

This chart shows what would have happened to my PSA if I had done nothing.

First I had to stop doing the things that were promoting inflammation in my body. Then I needed to move my body steadily towards health. That’s all, sounds easy but it really is hard and takes a long time. Fortunately not as long as it took me to get in this mess.

There are five areas to correct to regain your health.

  1. 1.Stress reduction - this is the biggest one as many of us live in a state of constant stress.

  2. 2.Diet (the food, water and supplements we consume)

  3. 3.Lifestyle (exercise, sleep)

  4. 4.Toxin Reduction

  5. 5.Electromagnetic exposures